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“Dr. Dan Siegel possesses one of the most brilliant minds of our century. His ability to integrate the brain, attachment and relationships in a coherent and simple way is commendable. Studying under Dr. Siegel is highly encouraged. I use his wisdom, knowledge and mindsight strategies in my own private practice.”

Angela Bisignano

PhD, Clinical Psychologist Los Angeles, CA

“I am learning more throughout this course than I did in grad school. And, so far, the first Q and A has been incredibly valuable. It feels as if I am in a classroom with the opportunity to engage the professor (which is lacking these days) …I often refer to [Dr. Siegel’s] work and recommend [his] books to my clients. … Since starting the program – after having read most of [Dr. Siegel’s] books – everything is clicking.”

Jennifer Summerfeldt

MACP, CCC Edmonton, AB, Canada

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Dr. Dan Siegel

Hear Dr. Dan Siegel talk about his vision for the Mindsight Institute, types of courses and programs and how you can benefit from learning about the latest science and practical applications around mind, brain and relationships.

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