Neuroscience of Coaching

Interpersonal neurobiology can be applied to the art of coaching to provide a scientific foundation for how to help others in their personal development and professional work.

  • Explore how to develop a healthy mind and empathic relationships, which are at the heart of emotional and social intelligence
  • Help clients build mindsight—seeing the mind of self and other and promoting integration
  • Apply principles of IPNB to the field of coaching
  • Understand the framework of Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Identify the connections between mindsight and emotional intelligence
  • Describe how integration is the basis of inner and relational well-being
  • Discuss how organizations using a foundation in IPNB can increase creativity and collaboration
  • Outline ways in which integration can be applied to the development of an individual’s mind
  • List applications of the insight, empathy, and integration that comprise mindsight
  • Discuss the ways in which neural and relational integration reinforce one another

No CEUs available.

You may watch the lectures as many times as you’d like and they will remain in your library forever.

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A Certificate of Completion is available after completing this course. Please email the Mindsight Team at to request a test.




3 hrs

CE Credit

Not Available






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