Digital Journal, Vol 1-4

The Mindsight Digital Journal is an insightful media journal curated by Dan Siegel that sheds light on relevant implications of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB) across multiple disciplines. Each Volume contains four, 90-minute video issues examining applications of IPNB across a variety of different disciplines

The Digital Journal brings the scientific research to life so you can use the information to improve your professional or personal life. Dan has carefully selected the topics for each issue.

Volume 1
  • The Role of Mindsight in One Health: Interpersonal Neurobiology from the Person to the Planet
  • The Science and Art of Presence: How Being Open and Receptive to Life Cultivates Well-Being in our Bodies, Minds, and Relationships
  • Brainstorm: An In-Depth Exploration of Adolescence and the Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain
  • Personality in Health & Dysfunction
Volume 2
  • Science, Mindsight, and Cultural Evolution
  • The Embodied & Relational Mind, the Social Brain, & The Distributed Self
  • Social and Emotional Learning: Integration, Kindness, & Internal Education
  • The Art & Science of Neuroplasticity: How Self-Reflection & Discipline Cultivate Neural Integration
Volume 3
  • Using Mindsight to Reframe Stress
  • Play, Well-Being, & The Mind
  • Domains of Integration & the World of Well-Being
  • Humans as Story-Telling Beings
Volume 4
  • Mindfulness, Mindsight, and The Mind: What Are They, and Why Do They Matter?
  • Attachment, Connection, and Presence in Romantic Relationships
  • The Wheel of Awareness and Integration of Consciousness
  • Trauma: What Is It, How Do We Prevent It, And How To Transform It Into Resilience

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