Mind and Moment: Mindfulness, Neuroscience, and the Poetry of Transformation in Everyday Life

An immersive seminar with Diane Ackerman, Jon Kabat-Zinn, John O’Donohue and Dan Siegel

Join us for a unique gathering of minds focusing on inner growth, interpersonal relationships, and the cultivation of well-beingwithin ourselves and our world.

Two celebrated poets and two mindfulness experts come together in this one time event to share their respective work in mindfulness, poetry, and science—collaborating with one another in exploring the intersection of these important ways of illuminating the nature of reality and the importance of presence in our individual and collective lives.

  • Part 1: Opening Individual Perspectives
  • Part 2: Diane Ackerman – Finding a Time Pool
  • Part 3: Group Discussion on “Finding a Time Pool”
  • Part 4: Jon Kabat-Zinn – The Nothing That Is
  • Part 5: Group Discussion on “The Nothing That Is”
  • Part 6: John O’Donohue – The Delightful Freedom of the Imagination
  • Part 7: Group Discussion on “The Delightful Freedom of the Imagination”
  • Part 8: Dan Siegel – The Mindful Brain
  • Part 9: Group Discussion on “The Mindful Brain”
  • Part 10: Group Discussion – John O’Donohue, Diane Ackerman and Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Part 11: Conference Summary by Dan Siegel
  • Part 12: Closing Q&A

No CEUs available.

You may watch the lectures as many times as you’d like and they will remain in your library forever.

Stream the video lectures on any computer, tablet, or mobile device of your choice!​

A Certificate of Completion is available after completing this course. Please email the Mindsight Team at info@mindsightinstitute.com to request a test.




10 hrs

CE Credit

None Available




All Levels

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