The Latest Neuroscience Applied: From neuroplasticity to neural integration

Consisting of 10 two-hour seminars, this series synthesizes the emerging research in areas such as mindfulness, epigenetics, neural integration, development across the lifespan, relationships, psychedelics in psychiatry, and cultural evolution. By translating science into practical understanding, this course seeks to increase our collective awareness of self and others. Whether you are a therapist, educator, or someone interested in neuroscience, well-being, or the study of the mind, some takeaways from “The Latest Neuroscience Applied” include:

  • Community Q&A’s for diving deeper into the topics
  • How presence cultivates inner and outer transformation
  • Why learning about the brain can inform your personal and professional lives and relationships
  • And much more!


Learning Objectives

After viewing this course, you will be able to:

Lecture 1 – Mindful Awareness and Neuroplasticity

  1. Define mindfulness and identify the qualities of a mindful state
  2. Summarize the history and findings of mindfulness research
  3. Highlight the physical and mental health benefits associated with mindfulness
  4. Explain how presence relates to happiness, longevity, and integration

Lecture 2 – Applied Neuroscience, Part 1: Genes and Epigenetic Regulation

  1. Differentiate genetics from epigenetic changes
  2. Define epigenetic changes and highlight the significance of this scientific discovery
  3. Outline the relationship between experience, mental illness, and integration
  4. Utilize the analogy of a librarian to understand and explain epigenetics

Lecture 3 – Applied Neuroscience, Part 2: The Connectome and Neural Integration

  1. Define connectome and explain how it relates to integration
  2. Identify three highly integrative regions of the brain and their functions
  3. Outline how trauma, neglect, and abuse impact neural integration
  4. Highlight the relationship between secure attachment and coherent narratives

Lecture 4 – Thinking, Deciding, and Behaving

  1. Differentiate System 1 and System 2 thinking
  2. Outline the evolutionary purpose of adolescence and the major motivational and evaluative changes that occur
  3. Utilize the SOCK acronym for identifying different streams of awareness
  4. Illustrate how to make decisions involving both intuitive, bodily sensations and intentional reflection

Lecture 5 – Attachment Inspired Psychotherapy

  1. Outline how the science of attachment can be applied to the art of psychotherapy
  2. Identify and describe the various patterns of adult and child attachment
  3. Highlight factors that facilitate therapeutic change within the attachment model
  4. Utilize integration as the basis for health in assessment and treatment planning

Lecture 6 – The Adolescent Mind and the Journey into Adulthood

  1. Identify and debunk several myths about adolescence
  2. Summarize the evolutionary purpose of the period of adolescence
  3. Outline the fundamental brain changes that occur during the remodeling period
  4. Describe the 4 essential qualities that represent the ESSENCE of adolescence

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