Why Study IPNB?

Have you ever wondered what the mind might really be?  Have the existing definitions of mental health, or lack of them, in our various fields of study and clinical work puzzled you?  Have you ever longed for a way to combine rigorous science, the wisdom arising from deep reflection, and the practical applications to help develop healthy minds?  

If so, you may find the understanding of how we see the mind, or have “mindsight,” to be an exciting and useful way of fulfilling these interests. In this mastery-level certificate course, Dan Siegel will show you how to apply the Mindsight Approach to your professional work and to the everyday challenges of life. 

We’ll dive into a new view of what the mind and mental health may actually be, addressing common clinical situations including those arising from adverse childhood experiences and other forms of trauma. 

Drawing on the consilience across a wide array of fields—the synthesis of independent discoveries from a range of disciplines, from physics and neuroscience to psychology and anthropology—the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) provides a working definition of the mind and mental health that offers a unique way of approaching the cultivation of health in our lives. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive, scientifically grounded, practical framework for learning IPNB and understanding the mind and what it means to be human, learning practical approaches to how we can cultivate mental health and well-being in our world, this deep dive by a founder and pioneer in this field can provide the experiential learning you may be looking for. 

In this course, you’ll gain the knowledge and acquire the effective tools to help others overcome even the most challenging clinical issues harnessing these exciting new ways of promoting health.  You’ll learn how to assess the chaos and rigidity of impaired states of “integration”—the linking of differentiated aspects of our lives across nine distinct domains—that can manifest as anxiety, dysregulation, relationship difficulties, depression, PTSD and other forms of human suffering. Through experiential immersions and empowering discussions, this course offers a research-based conceptual framework that will enable you to approach both personal and professional life with a powerful foundation for understanding the mind and mental health in ways that facilitate the transforming of suffering into human flourishing.

In this new interactive setting of our 36-hour comprehensive course, Dan will guide you step-by-step through six sections of specialized training to master practical strategies and effective techniques that will enhance your capacity to bring well-being to life. Teaching around the globe for the past quarter century and founding the professional series on IPNB, Dan has synthesized these educational experiences into one deep dive into this exciting new approach to being human. Louis Pasteur once said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.”  

This course aims to prepare your mind for the unpredictable events of our lives, the uncertainty of our modern world, so that you’ll be most able to support others, and yourself, in responding to the threats of life as challenges that can be met with resilience and growth.  You’ll have the opportunity to meet with Dan and discuss the course as it unfolds, and to build relationships with other participants in ongoing discussions. We look forward to welcoming you into our mindsight community!

Dr. Dan Siegel